First Blog Post

Hello people of the Internet!  Olivia here with my very first blog post!  This has been in the works for so long now and I am so excited that I can finally start sharing here.  A few months ago, I came across a blog that I really began to like.  This then made me think, what if I started a blog myself?  I could talk about all of the things that I love in one central place just like this one blogger did.

This blog will be primarily about three things, Living, Loving, and Organizing.

The Living category is about just that.  It is about me and the things that I do in my life. This could range from Week In Review posts, to some hobbies that I enjoy, and even to trip and T.V show recaps.

The Loving category is about all of the things that I love.  It could be anything from a monthly favorites post to a book review because I am an absolute book worm.

Organizing is all about my inner organizer.  Posts there could be about  the way I pack for certain trips or even posts about my current planner loves.

I thank you for finding my blog!  I am absolutely thrilled to start this journey and hope that you will join along with me!


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